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thoughts on ALA

Had a wondeful time at ALA, including spending time with my buddies like cedarlibrarian, Liz from A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy, and Sophie from Pop Goes the Library!.

But the best time, as always, is going to the Youth Media Press Conference and hearing the winners of all the book awards, especially the Printz. I loved how, when both The Book Thief and Octavian Nothing had been named honor books, you could almost hear the whole room asking, "So who won????"

What was even better was going to PPYA and seeing John Green's reaction to winning the Printz Honor for An Abundance of Katherines. I didn't know how he'd top last year's post about winning the Printz for Looking for Alaska, but he did. So, yay!

A post will be coming shortly with the first round-up of ARCs I've read, but I did want to mention an adult book that I hope will be a big success: Austenland by Shannon Hale.

I LOVED this book. It presented such a great twist on the modernization-of-Jane-Austen that we've seen in other books, with the main character being sent to an Austen camp to help her get over her Darcy obsession. Shannon Hale, who has written incredibly excellent books for YAs, does some great work in this novel for adults. I loved the pop culture sensibility of this book: the idea that ten-plus years since the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that there are women who are so obsessed with Colin Firth that they can't make their own romances work is both funny and a bit tragic. A fun, quick read, I hope this book gets a lot of attention.

Coming before the end of the week: posts that talk about the forthcoming books The Princess and the Hound, The Black Sheep, Plain Janes and Beige.
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