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just a general fyi sort of post

You know, I really should try and at least blog once a week. It's amazing, considering how much I love a) blogging b) reading and c) talking about books, that I can't manage to keep this LJ going. But hopefully, now that I've got a new job, I'll be able to be better about blogging.

And, yes, new job! I'm a teen librarian at the main branch of a county library system in Maryland. Things are going very well, and I'm looking forward to working on lots of different projects here.

As a small recap:
--BookExpo was fantastic. Lots of books, lots of good discussions with lizzb and cedarlibrarian. Highlights include Shannon Hale recognizing me on the exhibits floor and asking me how I was doing and having David Levithan note in my copy of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List that it was the first time he and Rachel Cohn had signed that book.
--ALA was equally fantastic but in different ways. Very very few books, but lots of good hard work with Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, hanging out with cedarlibrarian, lizzb, and princess_poddy. Oh, and the Printz reception! John Green was funny and self-deferential as always, Markus Zusak was hot and witty, Sonya Hartnett was very very funny, M.T. Anderson was wonderfully reflective, and Gene Yang was funny and smart and brought visual aids, as you'd expect.

I read Life As We Knew It last night and was completely blown away. I should do a fuller review at some point, but since it's unlikely that will happen, let me just say that it was completely and totally amazing.

And now, I need to get to work on fall programming. Yay!
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